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本年のISMRMでは、腫瘍に対する治療効果判定を、DWIを用いて定量的に評価することが一つの大きなトピックになっています。明朝(2016-5-11水) 7:00〜7:50のセッションは、このことを解説する教育講演が行われます。

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について包括的に解説される予定で、ADC histogram analysiscDWIも扱われ、よくわかると思います。



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Moderators: Jeong Min Lee, Taro Takahara
07:00 Tumor Diagnosis with Diffusion

Nandita deSouza1
1The Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK
Diffusion-weighted MRI (DW-MRI) exploits the incoherent motion of water molecules within tissues to generate contrast.  Many solid tumours exhibit restricted diffusion of water molecules compared to many normal tissues, leading to bright signal on diffusion-weighted images and low values of Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC).  Increase in necrosis/cell death after treatment increases ADC which has been shown to be predictive of response to chemotherapy in various tumour sites.
07:30 Multiparametric MRI Therapy Response in Bone

Anwar R Padhani1
1Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, UK, anwar.padhani@stricklandscanner.org.uk
Multimodal bone marrow imaging has the potential to address the unmet need for a robust imaging methodology that allows understanding of tumor biology, lesion detection and therapy evaluation of advanced metastatic disease. This means that there is a clearer categorization of bone metastases response. Multimodal bone imaging could be used for both clinical practice and can be incorporated into clinical trials, generating new biomarkers that in turn will require independent validation.
08:00 Adjournment & Meet the Teachers



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