▼過剰体重がもたらすもの – MR neurographyの発見


スクリーンショット 2016-02-02 7.20.55今朝こんなメールを、ユトレヒト大学の友人に書いちゃった。(MR NeurographyやDTIのことで質問を受けたので〜)


Jaco, 正規職員のポジション獲得おめでとうございます!
この方法(1軸法ーUnidirectional Encoding Method)*は、ユトレヒト時代の過剰な体重がもたらしてくれました。



翌日、(上司の)Peter Luijten先生と一緒に、取得した実験画像のチェックをしたのですが、従来得られた画像(3軸で撮影)よりも、やたらと画質が良いのに気づきました。これが一軸法の発見でした。


スクリーンショット 2016-02-02 7.36.36



Dear Jaco,
Congratulations for your permanent position.
It is definitively important thing for our life!

Yes, you are right.
The travel distance of the phrenic nerve is the smallest in FH direction,followed by RL, then AP.
So better to keep AP direction for MPG.

The discovery of this method related to my overweight in my Utrecht era.
When I did mistake, I forget my hard disk (for storage) in my room.
As you know, the distance between MR room and my room was far,
and I felt that it was tough work to come back to my room (due to my weight) so I decided to input all of the parameters manually instead, then mistook in one parameter. That was the number of the directions.

The next day, when I checked the obtained images with Peter, we found the images with one direction were much better than those obtained at previous trial with “right parameters (with 3 directions)”

This is only the case that overweight gives nice presents for me:)
I am now doing diffusion-weighted images with much less weight.

Anyway, DTI technique is quite important to analyze the nerves, but
I recommend to concentrate to reduce the number of directions of MPG if you want to (simply) visualize the nerves at the initial phase of the study, so that it may become easier to visualize them.

Good Luck!

*Takahara T, Hendrikse J, Kwee TC, Yamashita T, Van Cauteren M, Polders D, Boer V, Imai Y, Mali WP, Luijten PR. Diffusion-weighted MR neurography of the sacral plexus with unidirectional motion probing gradients. Eur Radiol. 2010 May;20(5):1221-6.(従来、拡散を検出する勾配磁場は3方向用いられており、神経描出のためには6軸以上が必要とされていたが、逆に1軸にすると神経の描出が明瞭になることを示した)

 - DWIBS, オイシイ


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